We've helped Vorex Services
become visually stunning

We've helped Vorex Services
become visually stunning

And we can help you, too.
And we can help you, too.


Projects Completed


Projects Completed


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Vorex Services

Vorex Services is a digital company providing services to gaming communities. Although located in the United States, they offer their services on an international scale to hundreds of customers at any moment.

We've worked on their project- 'Minecadia'- since it first released, creating engaging graphics to promote new products and releases.

Knowledge is power

With Vorex Services being an international, digital company, our experience with the company has helped increased the capabilities of Pixelite. Here's how:

Target Audience

Compared to other clients of Pixelite's, Vorex has a vastly different target audience. This helped us escape our comfort zone, and gain a great understanding of what online audiences value in the content they consume.


As Vorex have expanded, the services we provide have changed accordingly. We've seen how important it is for a business, especially in this space, to adapt to trends and for their content to reflect this.

Remote Communication

For us, Vorex highlighted the power of technology when it comes to working remotely. Varying timezones have further helped us develop our strategies to ensure we can meet all deadlines.

Some of our work

Here's some of the work we've produced in recent time for Vorex

Importance of great graphics

By investing in graphics, Vorex Services have increased the quantity of products they sell.

Accompanying products with great graphic design subconsciousouly encourages customers to purchase. They associate great graphic design with a great product.

Don't underestimate the importance of graphic design to the growth of your business.

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